Blood ‘albinegra’ this Thursday 25 to help the Hemodonation Center of Cartagena – FC Cartagena – Sportcartagena – Sports newspaper of Cartagena and region

This altruistic gesture is of vital importance for current health care, without blood donations, it would be difficult to carry out surgeries, transplants, hematological, oncological treatments. Blood donation is a simple, generous gesture that to the person who It does not harm the person who receives it, it gives them life expectancy.

There is a constant need for regular donations, as blood can only be kept for a limited time and then it is no longer usable. Regular blood donations by a sufficient number of healthy people are essential to ensure the availability of safe blood when and where it is needed. Currently, reserves of all blood groups are needed.

All those people who meet the following requirements can be donors:

  • Age: Be over 18 and under 65
  • Weight: Weigh more than 50 kgs.
  • Health: Be in good health
  • Residence: Reside in Spain

Men: Maximum 4 donations per year, Women: Maximum 3 donations per year

The total donation represents about 450 ml.

In addition, donating blood has a prize since all those who attend will receive a ticket to attend the LaLiga SmartBank match that will face FC Cartagena and Tenerife will be played on Monday, December 6 at 6:15 p.m.

We are waiting for you to help the Hemodonation Center!