Blood and Ballet |

You can the Crime best list also as PDF download. Everything about murder and manslaughter is available on our Crime portal which informs about the current trends in crime literature and presents the most important new releases. Do you have any questions or suggestions about the best crime list? Then turn over [email protected] to the jury or the editors.

How does voting work?

The best crime list is compiled by a jury of critics on behalf of Deutschlandfunk Kultur.

There are 18 specialists in crime literature from Germany, Austria and Switzerland who propose four titles from the current production every month, which they rate with seven, five, three or one point.

The point value per title found in this way is multiplied by the number of votes cast for it. From this, the monthly list is calculated.

Each member of the jury may vote for the same title three times. Voting for titles that you were involved in creating or preparing is prohibited.

The titles must not be older than twelve months and must not be re-editions, anthologies or anthologies. No distinction is made between hardcover, paperback and paperback.

On average, five titles are new to the monthly list. The number in brackets indicates the rank of the previous month.

Die Jury:
Tobias Gohlis, speaker of the jury
Volker Albers, “Hamburger Abendblatt”
Andreas Ammer, “Fresh off the press”, ARD
Gunter Blank, „Rolling Stone“
Katrin Doerksen, “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”, “Cinema Time”
Hanspeter Eggenberger, “”
Fritz Göttler, “Süddeutsche Zeitung”
Jutta Günther, “Radio Bremen Two”
Sonja Hartl, “Line Cinema”, “Crimemag”, “Deutschlandfunk Kultur”
Hannes Hintermeier, “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”
Alf Mayer, „CulturMag“, „Strandgut“
Kolja Mensing, “Deutschlandfunk Kultur”
Marcus Müntefering, “The Mirror”
Ulrich Noller, “Deutschlandfunk Kultur”, “Deutschlandfunk”, “SWR”, “WDR”
Frank Rumpel, „SWR“
Ingeborg Sperl, “The Standard”
Sylvia Staude, “Frankfurter Rundschau”
Jochen Vogt, “NRZ”, “WAZ”