blood and earth on the plate, the (too?) shocking dishes of the candidates

Blood donation, intensive farming, forest fires, famine… The candidates of “Top Chef” had to support a cause or denounce a scourge on a plate with a shocking visual, in episode 13 of the 13th season, broadcast Wednesday evening on M6 . It was the Danish chef Rasmus Munk, himself a creator of committed dishes, who asked them to surprise him.

A theme that inspired candidates and viewers

As soon as the theme of the event was announced, some viewers who reacted on Twitter were inspired. Several of them recalled the trompe-l’oeil toilet bowl dish made by Arnaud at the start of the competition. The dish did not seduce the jury at the time, but perhaps it was ahead of its time?

Other netizens began taking bets on what topics the contestants would choose to address.

Touching personal stories

Once behind the stoves, the chefs were each inspired by a personal experience to draw attention to a subject that touches them.

Sébastien seems to have succeeded in moving both the chef Rasmus Munk and the viewers, with his sad satchel to represent school bullying*. He said he suffered teasing when he was in high school, while his brigade leader, Glenn Viel, also recognized his difficult schooling in this dish.

Lilian, the purple candidate, also told a personal story for his dish highlighting the dangers of tobacco: he had a pneumothorax at the age of 17, because of the smoke, which convinced him to quit smoking.

Pascal, from Philippe Etchebest’s brigade, represented the forest fires he experienced last summer in Provence.

The winners: blood donation and intensive farming

But the two plates that Rasmus Munk finally chose to qualify are those of Arnaud and Mickaël.

The first, in orange headlines, represented the donation of blood with a dessert in the shape of a red drop accompanied by a bag filled with red fruit coulis. He recalled that in Belgium, where he lives, homosexuals are still today forced into a period of abstinence in order to be able to give blood, which is no longer the case in France.

The second who succeeded in seducing the chef, a blue candidate, wanted to oppose intensive farming by serving a pig’s skull on his plate.

Some dishes left internet users perplexed

On social networks, Louise’s dish left a little doubtful. While it was made of fake edible earth under which hid an emerald trompe l’oeil, to represent famine, some have pointed out that the show isn’t always a model when it comes to not wasting. , while others were not convinced by the explanations.

In general, not all viewers appreciated that the day’s productions were conceptual and symbolic.

After this first test in which Mickaël and Arnaud distinguished themselves, it was Sébastien and Lilian who faced off as a last chance at the end of a test on the theme of shellfish proposed by chef Dominique Crenn. It was finally Lilian, from Paul Pairet’s squad, who was eliminated.

* 3020 is the listening and support number for victims of school bullying.