Blood Bank received a vehicle for collections

The Minister of Public Health of the Province, Ricardo Cardozo, yesterday delivered a transfer mobile to the authorities of the Central Blood Bank. It is a zero kilometer vehicle that will allow the institution to continue with external collections in the interior of the province. The unit was fitted out for work by the Provincial Highway Directorate.

“It is a very precious asset because it will allow us to continue with our external collections throughout the province. We do around 60 collections a year and we had a cell phone that was already a few years old, ”said the director of the Blood Bank, Carolina Aromí. “This is very important because the Bank belongs to all the people of Corrientes and with this we can reach the entire province,” he added.

In addition, he indicated that “not only do we collect blood, but we also collect antibodies from convalescent plasma in patients recovered from covid-19.”


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