Blood donation becomes more essential due to pandemic

Santo Domingo.-An emergency occurs at any time, especially for emergencies generated by the pandemic, and for this no one is prepared.

We often read on social media that someone needs blood. While the message circulates and whoever collaborates appears, the family faces high levels of stress, anger and impotence as they cannot help their loved one who is lying in bed or waiting for blood to be taken to the operating room.

This last aspect can be changed through donation. However, sadly, only 660 people donated to the Dominican Red Cross last year.

Pandemic reality
The coronavirus pandemic reduced voluntary donation to 0.3% during 2020. In that period, the bank only collected 36 thousand units, which represented a reduction in the collection for replacement of more than 50 percent.

The medical director of the National Network of Blood Banks of the Red Cross, Dr. César Matos Moronta, recounted the human drama that is generated every day in health centers, private banks and in the Red Cross.

“It’s heartbreaking, it hurts to see people suffer when they urgently need blood and can’t get it. It is shocking to know that we lose the opportunity to save lives by not donating or not knowing how to do it ”.

Voluntary donors
Matos Moronta recalled that the World Health Organization recommends that, ideally for a country, it is to have about 20% of voluntary donors and a minimum that ranges between 3% and 5%, but, in the country, the percentage does not exceed 1%.

“Hence the importance that, as a country, we assume the commitment to create a culture of voluntary donation, that we do not lose the opportunity to save a life, because it is better to have blood and not need it, than to need it and not have it,” said the hematologist.

He stressed that the Red Cross, an auxiliary institution of the powers of the State, contributes about 50 percent of the blood that is required in the country.

Daily average
The medical director of the National Network of Blood Banks reported that, daily, the Blood Bank receives an average of 400 people, of which between 250 and 300 qualify to donate blood, which represents the availability of 7,500 to 9,000 units. per month, which in turn is equivalent to 110.00 units per year in normal times, before the pandemic.

The Dominican Red Cross presented the campaign “Do it for your Country, Donate Blood”, through which the humanitarian organization will promote the culture of voluntary donation in Dominican society.


—Voluntary donation
The Red Cross asks Dominican society to undertake the promotion of voluntary donation so that, among all, this act of love and life becomes a culture that guarantees the supply of blood and its products.