Blood, sweat and Jesé: UD won with the chassis

At seven minutes, a stimulating shot from Clemente. The left was from Álvaro Lemos and meant the call of the cornet. On the part of Sanse, the only record of Alkain’s shot -something corner- was recorded, which went off into the clouds. A slip in the transition from Enzo Loiodice lit the red light. It could not be conceded against an offensive front with Magunazelaia, Karrikaburu and Alkain. Nuke’s physical mishap the continuation of an eternal nightmare.

UD took possession of the ball and was the protagonist. Benito Ramírez tried it from the left in his particular duel with Blasco. A high-voltage contest. Jesé was trying to lower the rhythm and the electricity from a pulse to two thousand per kilometer-hour. At 22 minutes, Cardona’s header. Clemente’s capital error and Las Palmas protected himself with the ball. 181 passes in just 30 minutes. After that stretch, a fantasy goal arrived. Touch, touch and touch … Jey-M missile and the law of opportunism. Fourth goal from the former Madrid player, after a great pass from Cardona. A series of rejections reactivated Real, Alkain’s shot was canceled for offside.

Rest and new setback. Jesé Rodríguez stayed in the booth and Clau Mendes entered. The spark had a great opportunity after getting rid of De Zarate. With Jesé, the list of absences rises to eight. The portrait of a curse. The best minutes of the San Sebastian block arrived. Navas avoided the tie on the line and Arambarri sent a header high.

Raúl Fernández’s mistake when clearing the ball and De Zarate achieved the test. Leather over the bar and the feeling of panic present. The resource was obvious: balls to Clau. The royal siege was hellish. Attack spaces and in that task, Benito is a dagger. Karrikaburu was left alone before Raúl Fernández due to an indecision by Navas. Center of Djouahra and catch the Basque goal. And in 73 ‘, Enzo Loiodice breaks. The list of absences was raised to nine in panic. An odyssey without Viera, Peñaranda, Ruiz, Pejiño, Moleiro, García, Nuke, Enzo … Martón crashed the ball into the post and 0-1. Blood, sweat and Jesé to take the Reale.

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The end was exasperating. It was necessary to bail water until the last second. Djouahra put the entire rear in check until Eric Curbelo arrived to put out the fire. Blood, sweat and Jesé.


Real Sociedad B: Ayesa; Blasco, De Zarate, Arrambari (Martón, 85 ‘), Romero (Martín, 78′); Garrido (Aldasoro, 46 ​​’) Pokorny, Magunnazelaia (Djouahra, 59′); Alkain (Valera, 59 ‘), Karrikaburu and Olasagasti.

UD Las Palmas: Raúl Fernández; Álvaro Lemos, Raúl Navas, Eric Curbelo, Cardona; Enzo Loiodice (Veiga, 76 ‘), Nuke Mfulu (Fabio, 15’); Óscar Clemente (Pinchi,

65 ‘), Kirian Rodríguez, Benito Ramírez (Ale Díez, 75’); and Jesé Rodríguez (Clau Mendes, 46 ‘).

Goals: 0-1, min. 38: Jesé Rodríguez.

Referee: Arcediano Monescillo Yellow card to Karrikaburu (79 ‘) and Fabio González (80’).

Incidents: Reale Arena, before 2,320 spectators.