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Bloodshot creator Bob Layton talks about Vin Diesel-led adaptation

Bloodshot is focused on the big screen – and the adaptation has co-creator Bob Layton inflated more than a guy with a bloodstream full of nanotech.

As we already reported in March, the Bloodshot The film is in full swing since Sony Pictures won Vin Diesel in the title role. He played the former mafia assassin, whose life revolves around those weird moments when he is betrayed and forced to participate (first by his mob family, then by the FBI), a secret experiment to make the perfect killing machine. His blood is infused with nanites, which gives him increased strength and a crazy healing factor, but also robs his memories. His search for his identity is bad news for anyone who tries to stand in his way (especially those who have wronged him).

Recently, Layton, who also helped develop the tech-based Marvel heroes Iron Man and Ant-Man, joined forces deadline to discuss the project, which he described as "something very fresh and subversive of the genre".

That should upset the fans, especially since Valiant Comics was initially highly resistant to the proposed adaptations of Layton's character – that is, until producer Neal Moritz entered the fight and brought Star Diesel along.

The box office successes of Moritz and Diesel are long. Moritz brought the original The Fast and the Furious Film on the screen and was involved as a producer in each subsequent entry of this popular franchise, and Layton narrated deadline With this producer / star combo, "we knew we had a team that could do the character justice." He also had great praise for first-time director Dave Wilson, whom he said: "[allowed] More access to the shoot than any other director I've worked with, "wrote Eric Heisserer, who won a Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar for Sci-Fi-Smash 2016 Arrivals,

Perhaps more interesting is what Layton said in the film Not be a pre-converter to the throne of the mighty Marvel Studios. True to the spirit of Valiant, who, he said, created a universe that "looked and felt like the real world, not a fictional comic-fantasy empire where anything could happen," the filmmakers left Bloodshot seem to adopt a very own style.

"The team that does that Bloodshot "Film has never had a superhero movie on it," Layton said. "This movie will have much more in common with action / science fiction movies total recall and Robocop as it does X-Men or Dead Pool, It has always been the point of view and I do not think anyone on our team was interested in imitating Marvel Studios' films. "

Layton also had great praise for the cast, including the spot-on choice of Diesel in the lead role and Guy Pearce ("one of my favorite actors"), who after Michael Sheen took on the role of the scientist responsible for Bloodshot's creation due to scheduling conflicts.

Perhaps the most notable remark made by Layton, however, is that he was not only impressed by the dedication of everyone involved – especially Diesel, who he said was "obsessed" with finding the right character and who knew his comic roles takes seriously.

"For me it went and saw the effort and passion of the main actors, the cast and the crew, and I was very confident that we would achieve the quality." Bloodshot A movie that we've all been waiting to see, "Layton said, adding," I felt a tremendous sense of satisfaction that something so close and sweet heart came to life. Going to the set and knowing that movie goers will get to know Valiant, meet Bloodshot – this character I was involved with – is an incredible feeling. "

Bloodshot and Valiant comics can be well known names stillHowever, if Layton's fierce reactions to the upcoming film are signs, it could change soon. He even left the door open for a possible – you guessed it – Valiant Cinematic Universe, which of course would enhance the impression of the print like never before. With three Marvel Studios submissions each year for the foreseeable future BloodshotThe determination to stand out from the monolithic MCU's style and tone can only work in their favor, and all the signs suggest that the production is as unique and captivating as the title character.

Bloodshot is expected to hit the screens sometime around 2020.


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