bloodstains revive decade-old investigation

The perseverance of the mother ofIngrid Marchal, found drowned in the Deûle (Lille) in 2012, will have finally paid off. Almost ten years after the death of his daughter, whose body had been recovered from the park of the citadel on December 31 of that same year, 17 days after her disappearance, murder hypothesis looms and could well relaunch the investigation. A twist reported by our colleagues from JDD this Sunday, October 30.

The expertise carried out in 2021 on Ingrid Marchal’s clothes, placed under seal, – evidence saved on the edge of destruction – revealed traces of blood and male DNA, corroborating the thesis of the intervention of a third party in the death of the young woman. “When I received the results, I lost my daughter a second time. These traces of blood … We murdered her”, reacted Dominique Blondiaux, the mother of the thirties, quoted by 20 Minutes.

The 32-year-old bank clerk had vanished overnight from December 14 to 15, 2012, leaving behind her bag, glasses and even “her bedside lamp on”, according to her mother. The first observations made after the discovery of the body quickly linked the case to the “drowned people of the Deûle”, due to the resurgence of drownings in this river which crosses Lille.

But Dominique Blondiaux remained convinced that her daughter had not been the victim of a banal accident. For years, the latter fought so that the trail of the murder be explored. A judicial investigation will finally be opened in 2014, before being settled by a dismissal in 2018. Desperate, the mother of the victim will share her fight by publishing Ingrid, the mystery of the Deûlea book against the judicial system, in October 2019.

Two years later, a twist proved him right. Ingrid Marchal’s clothing expertise will bear fruit in October 2021, unveiling “a male genetic trace“and traces of blood, which had not been seen before.

Additional expertise is awaited

Since then, Dominique Blondiaux has lived while awaiting additional expertise, ordered by the investigating judge: “We still have no news of the additional expertise requested a year ago. We want to know more about this DNA trace, to have the characteristics of its owner, for example. Ditto with the traces of blood found on both the t-shirt and the jacket,” lamented the bereaved mother.

His lawyer, Me Margaux Machart, does not think less: “We would have expected a faster processing of this request to the place of a mother tossed about by justice for so many years”, she retorts.

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