Bloomberg: Lukashenko’s immediate circle is looking for reserve airfields in Russia – Abroad – News

Alexander Lukashenko himself announced on August 14 that he did not intend to leave Belarus. “I will start by saying that I am still alive and not abroad, as some of our honorable people are deliberately saying here,” Lukashenko said at a meeting in Minsk.

On Saturday, August 15, Lukashenko called Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Kremlin says the two presidents have expressed confidence that all the problems that have arisen in Belarus will soon be resolved and have “reaffirmed their desire to strengthen Allied relations”.

In Belarus, protests against the falsification of election results have been continuing for the seventh day, and people are demanding the resignation of Lukashenko. On Friday, the Central Election Commission of Belarus (CEC) officially declared him the winner, as 80.1% of voters allegedly voted for Lukashenko. However, the CEC meeting was convened very unexpectedly and took place behind closed doors without the admission of members of the press.