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the American version of democracy says that billionaires are replacing billionaires as presidents. At least that was the hope of the media-heavy Michael Bloombergwho went to the US yesterday “Super Tuesday” belated entry into the pre-election campaign – for the Democrats against Donald Trump, It’s a New Yorker’s fight against a New Yorker. Late starter Bloomberg, once a member of the Republicans, has Hundreds of millions of dollars stuck in TV commercials and yet after the “primaries” of last night in 14 federal states hardly any more opportunities. A victory in the American Samoa area (four delegates) doesn’t count much. The fact that Bloomberg once celebrated “stop and frisk” with blacks and Latinos as “New York City chief”, ie “stopping and felting”, is now a heavy mortgage. Will he retire this Wednesday?

Applicants for the Democratic presidential candidacy: Bernie Sanders (left) and Joe Biden.

(Photo: AP)

The matter now looks like the 78-year-old Bernie Sanders, left senator from Vermont with a lot of popularity among the boys, is still quite well placed, together with the 77-year-old, who is extremely successful, especially in the southern states and on the east coast Joe Biden and 78-year-old Bloomberg. Here, without wanting to be age-discriminating, Gerontocracy versus autocracy mobilized. Biden feels a strong tailwind after Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar exit the candidate race and henceforth support the former vice president. Virginia, North Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Massachusetts and Arkansas fell to him. He now hopes for one “Obama effect”, Sanders, on the other hand, won in Vermont, Utah, Colorado, Maine, and especially in Texas and the state of California. More than a third of the votes for the mid-July election convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin have now been given.

In Thuringia the FDP is playing again today Prime Minister election the role of a supporting actor with an Oscar ambition. The five MPs want, quite liberally, to leave the plenary hall during the vote – and secretly sincerely hope you Thomas Kemmerich could still work for a while as executive prime minister. The FDP wants to show everyone through their strike that neither Bodo Ramelow (The left) still Björn Höcke (AfD) can be selected. The big secret is whether some Christian Democrats put an end to the haunt of Erfurt’s lack of leadership with a pro-Ramelow vote. However, for the sake of self-recognition, Michel de Montaigne should read the important doors of the Thuringian FDP: “Those who have a lean body like to wear a stuffed doublet.”

German division of labor: Politics is in Berlin, high finance in Frankfurt, in Munich the economy. No major city has more DAX companies and relatively more wealthy people, nowhere is the crime rate so low. All of that has it German automobile association possibly moved yesterday afternoon in a conference call, after almost 70 years of Auto show IAA to move from Frankfurt am Main to the Bavarian capital. Berlin and Hamburg – where people feared Kreuzberg or Rote Flora – were out of the race. For BMW the IAA, which will take place in the Olympic Park and on the exhibition grounds, is a home game – even if it is a sign of greater neutrality (and out of courtesy towards one another) Daimler and VW) the company logo on the roof of the group headquarters will soon be taped. In the end, the fact that the trade fair company and the Bavarian state government made several million euros loose also spoke for the location.

Was in happier times “Home office” a vocabulary of freedom, cheerfully challenged by talented millennials with an anti-stress gene. In days like this, so with C virus, the home office stands for freedom, for last refuge. So must ProSiebenSat1 boss Max Conze, not yet favored by Fortuna on business, remain in private quarantine after an illness, just like his CFO. Many companies already recommend that their employees work from home adidas all global distributors are sent to the home office, as our reporters researched. And corporations like Bavarian or Infineon rely on “virtual meetings”, EY simply prohibits meetings with more than 25 people. With the new boom in home offices, the latest interest rate cut will probably also be Fed – change by half a panic percentage point to 1.0 to 1.25 percent – little.

In view of the refugee situation on the Turkish-Greek border, Christian Democrat Serap Güler calls for a tough line against President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Her parents come from Turkey, she still has a lot of friends and acquaintances there – but Ankara’s current politics leaves her Serap Guler get angry. The Christian Democrat, in NRW responsible for integration, calls for one in view of the refugee drama on the Turkish-Greek border tough line against President Recep Tayyip Erdogan: “We must not be blackmailed by him.” Your advice in the Handelsblatt interview amounts to tough economic sanctions, since the Turkish state is vulnerable: “This is the only language that Erdogan understands.” Greece is likely to be over 700 million euros in emergency aid from the EU after a flying visit by the head of the commission Ursula von der Leyen look more.

The southern European border issue is becoming increasingly the key domestic dispute – between union and the green, possibly future coalition partners in the federal government. For many Christian Democrats – from Friedrich Merz to Alexander Dobrindt – giving in is accompanied by a signal that even more refugees could make their way and that the AfD would benefit from it. For Green Leader Annalena Baerbock and others in their party as well as for several municipalities, on the other hand, it is a requirement of humanity, 5000 of those stranded before Greece to be recorded in Germany, The heart is bigger here than the next local elections allow.

In the “Tagesschau” and other news programs you will Georg Bätzing see more in the future. The Bishop of Limburg is for Chair of the German Bishops’ Conference elected, so to speak to the mouthpiece of German Catholics. The 58-year-old is from his predecessor, who is responsible for Munich-Freising Reinhard Cardinal Marx, has been promoted. While Marx found access to public debates through book publications, for example on the state of capitalism, the successor must first develop his profile. Bätzing (motto: “Lead together”) is considered reformerthat with traditional sexual morality and a strict one mandatory celibacy can do little in church. But he still has to land in the Vatican Intrigue City.

1. FC Saarbrücken – Fortuna Düsseldorf: goalkeeper Daniel Batz holds the decisive penalty.

And then there’s that 1. FC Saarbrücken, Founding member of the Bundesliga, who has been playing in the regional league for several years. This morning half of the republic will reason about the Saarlanders, who will be the first fourth division has managed to Semi-finals of the DFB Cup collect. The team won the penalty shootout in the small stadium of Völklingen 7: 6 against the first division team Fortuna Dusseldorf because of goalkeepers Daniel Batz Penalty saved after penalty. These are the stories that football lives on – not posters with patrons Dietmar Hopp in the crosshairs. The Hopp Saarbrückens is called by the way Hartmut Ostermann, he is the club president, was once in the SPD, the FDP and FC Homburg and makes his money with senior residences (Victor’s). The “Spiegel” ennobled him with an honorary title à la Don Corleone: “The Godfather of the Saar”.

I wish you an energetic start to a day that will hopefully be full of surprises.

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