BLOW given by Antena 1

The first edition of the 15th season of the show I know you from somewhere!, won by Cătălina Grama – Jojo, with an excellent transformation in Evora (Taraful de la Vărbilău), was the audience leader on all audience segments.

The show presented by Alina Pușcaș and Cosmin Seleși gathered in front of the small screens 1,678,000 viewers at the level of the public from all over the country, in the minute of maximum audience, from 21:21.

So, at the level of the commercial public, 18-49 Urban, Antena 1 was last night in the broadcast interval of the show I know you from somewhere! (20:00 – 23:20) market leader, with 5 rating points and a market share of 20.6%, followed by Pro TV, with 5 rating points and 20.4% market share. At the level of the entire urban audience, the difference was much bigger, the Antena 1 show imposing itself as the leader detached from the audience, with 7.4 rating points and 22.1% market share, while Pro TV then recorded only 4.2 points rating and 12.6% market share.

Also, at the level of the public from all over the country, Antena 1 is the most watched television station, with an average audience of 7.5 rating points and 20.9% market share, followed by Pro TV with 5 rating points and 14% share of market.

The adventure of transformations began in force in the 15th season I know you from somewhere !, with the most diverse characters, live music and a lot of good cheer. The 11 contestants entered the game with great enthusiasm, and the jurors Ozana Barabancea (singing), Andreea Bălan (choreography), Cristi Iacob (acting) and Aurelian Temișan (all the show) were impressed by the way they prepared their first roles offered by the characters roulette.


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