the Dacia Logan is among the less reliable cars, with over 12 percent failure, according to data published by the TUV Germany. A big unpleasant surprise is and Kia Sportage, place one to the number of failures, in the same category with Logan.

Dacia Models have had, when they were introduced on the market in Germany, the mediocre results at the chapter of faults in checks TUV, but the ranking of this year brings the worst scores for Dacia from launch and until now, according to profit.en.

the Leader of the cars with defects is, however, the Kia Sportage, a SUV with seven years warranty, manufactured in the Czech republic. On the second place in the ranking of the ranking of the percentages of faults are Fiat Punto, and on the third place is the Dacia Logan. The Romanian model has recorded a percentage of 12.2 defects per 100 cars. The other two Dacia models, Sandero and Duster, are on places 6 and 7, in the Top 10 of most defects, with 9.6 and, respectively, 8,9 defects per 100 cars.

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