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All people arriving in the United Kingdom from June 1 will have to spend 14 days in quarantine, as confirmed by the Government the BBC and the newspaper ‘The Times’. The move will likely be announced this Sunday by Prime Minister Boris Johnson as part of his plan to reduce restrictions, but the British transport and tourism sector is asking for more details and for the decision to be reviewed weekly, if it is finally adopted.

The announcement would be a perhaps terminal blow to British tourism in Spain this summer, the largest among all countries of origin. It was not going to reach in any case the figures close to the 20 million of the last years of trips in the context of the pandemic, but the obligation to remain two weeks isolated after his return seems an additional dissuasive factor for the British to travel abroad .

Road transporters of Spanish exports to the United Kingdom will not be forced to comply with the quarantine and neither will employees of maritime or air transport companies, according to the BBC. Although the details have not yet been published, the media that publishes the news affirm that those who arrive at the British border, except those from Ireland, will have to enter in a digital format the address in which they will pass the quarantine.

Airlines UK, which groups Bristish Airways, EasyJet, Ryanair and other companies, had already warned that requiring quarantine for those entering the country, as New Zealand and Australia have already done, “would end travel.” The number of UK airport flights is estimated to have fallen by 90% since the start of the crisis and there has been more activity in recent days.

Unemployed and drowned

The challenges of the sector are difficult. British Airways has announced the possible reduction of its workforce by 12,000 employees and the indefinite cancellation of its operations at Gatwick airport. Ryanair, the dismissal of 3,000. Willy Walsh, president of IAG, which groups Iberia, BA and Vueling, among others, had warned that, if a quarantine was required, BA could cancel all its trips.

The attempt by tour operators to relaunch the vacation package market by mid-July would also suffer a serious setback, after registering a gradual increase in reservations. The sector is already drowned by the volume of demands for the return of reservation payments, for the cancellation of flights as a result of the epidemic, as Mark Tanzer, CEO of the operators association, ABTA explained in Parliament on Friday.

Tanzeer expressed the sector’s discomfort at the government’s silence at his request that he offer “guidance” in the face of the partial collapse of the refund system, which the rules require to be carried out in fifteen days and which the ABTA executive considers to be Impossible, due to the delay in the returns to its members of the amount paid to hotels and airlines for reservations.

The government is criticized for keeping the airports open during the confinement of the population and now posing a quarantine at the beginning of the relaxation, without the evaluation of the epidemiologists leading to these decisions being known yet. Ten thousand people have arrived at British airports every day, in recent weeks, well below the usual number, around 300,000.



The interior ministers of the 16 German federal states have warned against a worrying increase in conspiracy theories and the number of people defending and propagating them due to the coronavirus crisis. “The dangerous thing is that these people reach with their crude theses people who actually defend the rule of law,” the interior minister of the Berlin city-state, Andreas Geisel, told Spiegel Online.

In similar terms, his colleague from Thuringia, Georg Maier, has expressed himself, commenting that “the idea that the pandemic was intentionally provoked to control the people and that behind it is Bill Gates or other sinister powers has reached the heart of society ‘and here the protest quickly takes on anti-Semitic overtones. Markus Kerber, secretary of state at the federal interior ministry, has in turn observed “a world information war” in the coronavirus crisis. His ministry recorded an increase in disinformation and propaganda from abroad at the beginning of the pandemic, but in the meantime, conspiracy theories are also spreading from within the country. “We must confront them with hard data, transparency and the defense of science,” says Kerber.

Tax revenue in Germany will drop by no less than € 100 billion in 2020, according to estimates by the parliamentary group of the ruling Christian Democratic Union. Only the central state will stop entering some 40,000 million euros, said the group’s budget spokesman, Eckhardt Rehberg. The rest up to 100,000 will be the loss of tax revenue from the 16 German federal states and the country’s municipalities. “If we add the five consecutive years to 2024 the figure will surely be around half a trillion euros,” said Rehberg, who expects that the Berlin government will be forced to a new revision of the national budgets.

Gastronomy in the federal state of Macklenburg-Antepomerania is the first in Germany to open its doors this Saturday. The president of the association of professionals of the sector (Dehoga), Lars Schwarz, pointed out in this regard that according to his calculations only 30% of the restaurants in the tourist areas of the Baltic coast and the lakes of the region will take the opportunity to breathe new life into your business. The opening is carried out under strict rules of minimum physical distance between people, which reduces the capacity of the premises practically in half than usual to increase the separation between tables. Schwarz advises interested customers to make a reservation on time and get the idea that at least one of the diners per table will have to give their personal information to the gastronomic staff to be reachable in the event of a new infectious outbreak.

For its part, the state of North Rhine-Westphalia is the first to allow visits to nursing homes from this Saturday, prohibited for weeks to protect the elderly from the coronavirus. “A visit of the grandchildren to the grandparents, for a limiting time, without physical contact and keeping the well-known hygiene rules is no longer a problem,” said Hans Jürgen Heppner, president of the German Geriatrics Society. “We all know what families, especially grandparents, suffer from being unable to meet, but please take it carefully to avoid the danger that we will be forced to reactivate the restrictions,” said Heppner.

  BY rafael m. doll

BY rafael m. doll

After more than a month locked up by the coronavirus in his residence on the outskirts of Moscow in Novo-Ogariovo, President Vladimir Putin went to the grave this morning to the unknown soldier next to the north wall of the Kremlin to deposit a wreath on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Victory over Nazi Germany in the Great Patriotic War, denomination that has in Russia the Second World War.

Then, in the presence of a unit of the honor guard, some authorities and with hardly a public, Putin delivered a speech broadcast by Russian television channels in which he remembered the fallen in that contest, promised that on another date even The great military parade in Red Square and the march of the Immortal Regiment will take place “without dignity”, in which the population with the president in front walk with the portraits of their relatives fallen in the conflagration against the Nazis. He ended his brief speech by ensuring that “we are invincible when we are united.”

Putin first placed a bouquet of red roses on the grave of the unknown soldier and, after his speech, placed carnations on each of the monoliths in memory of the “hero” cities, Leningrad, Volgograd (Stalingrad), Kiev, Moscow, Kerch, Minsk and seven others.

Following the ceremony, an airstrike with helicopters, strategic bombers and fighter jets took place, replacing the parade in Red Square that the top Russian leader canceled last month to prevent the COVID-19 infections from spiking. The sky appeared again cloudy today in the Russian capital, but the rain, present in previous days, did not spoil the event.

The Red Army completed the takeover of Berlin on May 2, 1945, and on May 8 the capitulation occurred. But, due to the time difference, in the USSR Victory Day was always celebrated on May 9, not on 8 as in Western countries. More than 26 million Soviets, according to official figures, perished during World War II, although some historians believe that the number was much higher. Putin has endorsed that victory and imposes it as an essential element of demonstration of patriotism. Today’s celebrations take place as Russia approaches 200,000 coronavirus infections and surpasses 1,800 deaths, of which more than a thousand correspond to Moscow.


Air France will monitor the temperature of travelers before boarding the plane



Starting Monday, travelers who want to fly with Air France could be denied boarding if they exceed 38 degrees temperature. The French flag company will use non-contact infrared thermometers to check the temperature of the passengers. The use of masks will also be mandatory.

On board the planes, the company will also space passengers “as much as possible”, to try to maintain physical distance, as announced in a statement, explaining that “temperature controls will be progressively deployed in the set of flights operated by Air France from May 11 “. For customers who have a temperature above 38 degrees and cannot board the plane, “their reservation will be modified without charge for a later date.”

The deputies voted last night a first reading of the bill that will extend the state of health emergency until July 10, although with much of the opposition against it. Above all, there is concern about the criminal responsibility of those who have to make decisions, such as the opening of schools.

But also the creation of an “information system” to identify infected people and their contacts, which the opposition considers to be breaking medical secrecy. The Minister of Health has sucked on this matter, assuring that it is essential to break the pollution chains.

A mixed commission will try today to come up with a compromise text that should be definitively adopted by Sunday night.


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