Blue and White Symphony at the Heliodorus | Radio Club Tenerife | Present

Elady Zorrilla gave Tenerife the only thing that was missing, the goal, and thus the Blue and White team became the first in the competition to knock down a Ponferradina who arrived untouched for her appointment with Rodríguez López. The peninsular team also threw good feelings as they passed through Heliodoro, but even better are those of the representative, who remains undefeated and is already excited.

The afternoon began with whistles for Naranjo and a long standing ovation to Paralympic medalist Michelle Alonso, who saw the entire stadium rise to its feet to honor her triple feat (gold in London, Rio and Tokyo).

Ramis opted for introducing changes in the line-up, the most striking being the entry of Álex Muñoz to the detriment of Pomares; and gave Enric Gallego gallons of title. He played flanked by a luxury trident: Zorrilla, Bermejo and Shashoua.

Far from adjusting to the parameters of the Second Division matches, the party responded to high expectations since the beginning of hostilities. Two undefeated teams were measured, in the case of the ‘Ponfe’ also with full successes in the three opening days. And they wanted to ratify good feelings although for both the goal resisted. In fact, Yuri also had his chance (16 ‘) and did not hit; the same as Bermejo with his next line (18 ‘).

Although the first bars were a very solid Ponferradina, as the half hour of play passed, the representative clearly dominated. From his siege against goalkeeper Lucho, several good occasions came consecutively, one from Sipcic with his head and another from Shashoua, who was very active. The reply was made by defender Iván, who shot point-blank and found a huge reaction from Soriano.

The second half was decisive. He brought with him the goal that changed the scoreboard, by Zorrilla; sentenced Álex Muñoz, who has a cannon in his left hand; Mollejo and Larrea also made their debut; and received his ovation Ethyan, who signed his third game as a professional and points out ways of a great forward.

Tenerife did everything well. He took advantage of his option to get ahead and then he knew not only to fasten his advantage, but also to expand it and thus become the first Second team that can with the Ponfe. It was all good news.