Blue Devils: embarrassment at the bottom

Weiden coach Sebastian Buchwieser could not be satisfied with the performance of his team on Tuesday. The Blue Devils lost 3: 5 at bottom HC Landsberg.

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Fourth defeat for the leaders of the Oberliga Süd this season, the second after regular time: The Blue Devils unexpectedly lost 3: 5 (1: 4, 1: 1, 1: 0) at bottom of the table HC Landsberg on Tuesday . Weiden coach Sebastian Buchwieser congratulated Landsberg on a deserved victory: “It wasn’t just our weakness today. You have to acknowledge that Landsberg did very well.”

Canadian defender Jeremy Lucchini made his debut at the Blue Devils, and Leon Hartl was also part of the game. Both signed the scorers list, while the other goal guarantors got nothing. Long-term injuries Edgars Homjakovs, Marius Schmidt, Barry Noe, Neal Samanski, Dennis Thielsch and Rob Brown were absent.

“Today everything was right for us from the first second. We forced Weiden to make mistakes, were defensively good and blocked the shots,” said Landsberg coach Fabio Carciola. “But the game was won by our goalkeeper.” While HCL goalkeeper David Blaschta did a great job, it was a used day for goalie Ennio Albrecht from Weiden. Buchwieser didn’t want to blame the 21-year-old.

“We did too little in the first third, lost too many targets and were too harmless up front,” said Buchwieser. In addition, Ennio Albrecht did not look good in four long-range shots despite a relatively clear view. After the 1: 4, the Weiden coach took the young goalie off the ice and brought in veteran Jaroslav Hübl. In the meantime, Leon Hartl had scored the 1: 2 connection goal.

“The 4: 1 mortgage was too much,” said Buchwieser. His team tried from then on, but could not really build up pressure against the doggedly fighting Landsbergers. Overall, willows lacked the necessary body play that day. Landsberg even increased to 5-1 before Jeremy Lucchini scored the second goal. In the final section, the shot ratio was 21: 4 for the Blue Devils. But it was only enough to make it 3: 5 through Adam Schusser in the power play shortly before the end.

HC Landsberg: Blaschta – Neal, Jiranek, Jänichen, Lilik, Nedved, Wedl, Erdt – Reuter, Wagner, Carciola, Mitchell, Gäbelein, Reicheneder, Feigl, Strodel, Rypar, Schwarzfischer, von Friderici-Steinmann, Krammer

Blue Devils Weiden: Albrecht – Schusser, Herbst, Müller, Ostwald, Lucchini, Schreyer – Nick Latta, Bassen, Palka, Siller, Rubes, Heinisch, Hartl, Luknowsky, Louis Latta, Feder

Tore: 1: 0 (12.) Nedved (Feigl, Strodel), 2: 0 (13.) Carciola (Jänichen, Reuter), 2: 1 (17.) Hartl (Louis Latta, Luknowsky), 3: 1 (17.) Lilik (Carciola, Reuter), 4: 1 (19.) Carciola (Wagner, Reuter), 5: 1 (24.) Reuter (Carciola), 5: 2 (28.) Lucchini (Louis Latta, Hartl), 5: 3 (60.) Schusser (Müller, Bassen) – Referee: Holzer – Spectator: 355 – Penalty minutes: Landsberg 6 + 5 for Feigl, Weiden 5 for Nick Latta

The report of the signing of the Canadian Jeremy Lucchini.

Willows in the Upper Palatinate



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