Blue dollar today: how much did it close this Monday, July 20

The informal trading accumulated a jump of 2.4% in the week, the highest in that period since mid-May.

The parallel ticket jumped $ 3 on Thursday (same weekly variation) and cut a streak of eight consecutive days without variations, after the Central Bank tighten controls against “electronic gambling”, and ask financial institutions to restrict bank accounts with unusual movements to purchase foreign currency, which often ended on the black market, to carry out the so-called “mash” (buy in the official and sell in parallel to make profit by taking advantage of the gap).

Since the quarantine started, the blue accumulates an increase of 52% or $ 44.50 (from the $ 85.50 of March 20), product, among other causes, of greater restrictions, not only in the Single Market and Free of Exchange, but also in the operations of dollar “counted with liqui”, and dollar Exchange or MEP.


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