Blue dollar today: how much is it trading for this Monday, June 20

The blue dollar today Monday June 20th quote to $ 213 for the purchase y $ 216 for the sale.

The parallel US currency fell 2 pesos compared to its last price for both transactions.

What is called “mashing” the dollar and how much do you earn today?

It should be remembered that the markets will remain closed until today, even for the holiday of Flag Dayin commemoration of the transition to immortality of its creator, Manuel Belgrano.

How much is the official dollar trading today

According to the board of the Banco de la Nación Argentina (BNA), the official dollar quote to $ 121,75 for the purchase and $ 127,75 for sale.

How much does the CCL dollar operate at?

The dollar counted with liquidation (CCL) is located on the blackboards $ 241,71 for the purchase and $ 242,84 for sale.

How much is the MEP dollar trading at?

The MEP dollaralso know as dollar bag operates today at $ 230,97​ for the purchase and $ 231,73for sale.

All chips to the dollar

How much does the wholesale dollar operate at?

The dollar wholesaler quoted at $ 122,72 for purchase now $ 122,92 for sale.

How much is the solidarity dollar worth?

For his part, the solidarity dollaralso know as dollar saving u touristis located at $ 210,79 pesos.

Euro blue today: how much is it trading for this Monday, June 20

How much is the euro trading at today

For its part, the European currency opera a $ 126,85 for the purchase and $ 136,30 for sale respectively.

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Risk country

The index produced by the JP Morgan places the country risk in the 2,190 points.


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