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Ulm (ddna)

(HDH) in the evening a Toyota driver was on the A7 from Würzburg in the direction of Kempten when a car with a trailer is said to have overtaken him. Its driver brushed against the Toyota when he tried to cut in again. The Toyota skidded and hit the guardrail. The car with the trailer should have continued to drive. The police came and recorded the accident. The officers suspected that the driver had drunk too much alcohol. A test confirmed this. The man was taken to a hospital. There a doctor took blood from him. That is now being evaluated and should provide information about how much alcohol the 56 -year-old actually had. The police estimate the property damage to the vehicle at around 10,000 euros. The car was no longer ready to drive after the accident. A tow truck loaded him up. The Heidenheim traffic police (0732120) has now started investigating the cause of the accident. In particular, it checks whether another vehicle actually caused the accident.

(BC) The Biberach police stopped an intoxicated driver in Kolpingstrasse around noon. A test confirmed the officials’ suspicions that the 24-year-old was using drugs. A doctor took blood from him in a hospital. The man had to leave his car behind. In Laupheim, too, a driver was no longer allowed to drive after the police checked him. The officials stopped the 31-year-old in Fockestrasse. After a test confirmed the officers’ suspicions that the man had used drugs, he was taken to a hospital where the doctor took blood from him.

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(GP) Towards morning, the journey for a driver in Süßen came to an end: the police had checked the Mercedes driver on Heidenheimer Strasse. The officials suspected that the 41-year-old had used drugs. The man had to give blood and leave his car behind.

(UL) A 25-year-old who was out and about in Ehingen in the afternoon had also taken drugs. The police checked him on Breslauer Strasse. The officials’ suspicions were quickly confirmed there.

The police warn: If you drive intoxicated, you put yourself and others in danger and risk your driver’s license. Because alcohol and drugs restrict perception, lead to incorrect assessments of speeds and distances, narrow the field of vision, impair reaction and coordination. This mix is ​​dangerous.

Source: Ulm Police Headquarters, transmission: news aktuell

(All information is based on information from the responsible police today)

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