Blue light report for Freiburg, November 23rd, 2021: grazing in oncoming traffic, escape from accident

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Current police report: traffic accident
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Grazing in oncoming traffic, escape from accident

Freiburg (ots) –

district Breisgau-Upper Black Forest

[Stadt Titisee-Neustadt;]

On November 22nd, 21, around 7.15 a.m., two vehicles grazing in oncoming traffic occurred on Gutachstrasse, with the person causing the accident leaving the scene of the accident without permission.

A 23-year-old driver had to avoid an oncoming car, which forced him to use the sidewalk. In addition, the two exterior mirrors of the vehicles brushed against each other, causing considerable property damage to both cars. Meanwhile, the person who caused the accident continued to drive without settling the claim. Investigations were initiated against the 77-year-old driver. The total damage amounts to approx. 8,000 euros.

The Titisee-Neustadt police station has started the investigation and may ask for witnesses of the Accident to call 07651 9336-0.

Please send media inquiries to:

Police headquarters [email protected].bwl.deH.P. 07651 93360 Twitter:

Original content by: Police Headquarters Freiburg, transmitted by news aktuell
This notification was transmitted on November 23, 2021, 11:10 a.m. by the Freiburg Police Headquarters.

Accident statistics and road traffic accidents for the past 3 years

In the state Baden-Wuerttemberg was there in the year 2020 of a total of 32,204 road traffic accidents with personal injury 330 fatalities and 39,620 injured. There is a slight downward trend in traffic accidents recorded by the police in the whole of Germany in recent years. In 2020 there were a total of 2,245,245 accidents in the Road traffic recorded, whereas in 2019 there were 2,685,661 cases and in 2018 2,636,468 cases. This development can also be observed in the number of accidents with personal injury. In 2020 there were 264,499 accidents with injured persons, a total of 3,046 casualties in the process. In 2018, of 308,721 personal injury accidents, 3,275 fatalities were recorded.

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