Bluetooth speaker and lamp in one

from Oliver Hunter
According to an entry from the FCC, Ikea would like to bring the “Vappeby loudspeaker” onto the market. This is a lamp that is also a Bluetooth speaker and should have the Spotify tap feature. Apparently, a long-life battery is also built into the device.

The Swedish furniture company Ikea is waiting with a new product, an entry of which has been seen in the register of the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), the US American regulatory authority. It is about “Vappeby”, a mixture of lamp and loudspeaker with Bluetooth connection. The special device is shaped like a mushroom and comes with an IP65 rating, which means that Vappeby is resistant to dirt and small amounts of water.

Spotify Tap and a long-lasting battery

The most interesting feature of Vappeby is possibly the tap function of Spotify, which is now commonplace with many Bluetooth headphones. Spotify Tap allows the user to play the music again at the point where he stopped it before. If you press Spotify Tap a second time, another song should be recommended to the user. The combination of lamp and bluetooth speaker in connection with the design suggests that Vappeby would be best suited for use in the garden, for example for a barbecue party.

Furthermore, the lamp speaker is equipped with a USB-C connection and a battery that should last 13 hours at a time, provided that the volume of the music and the brightness of the lamp are 50 percent. The capacity of the battery is 3,300 mAh. In order to adjust the strength of the brightness, the light switch has to be pressed several times, it says in the FCC entry. The Bluetooth connection is also switched on and off via a button, while the volume is regulated via a wheel. If you exert pressure on the wheel, the music playback can finally be stopped.

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Price and availability have not yet been announced for the Vappeby hybrid. But it can’t be long now, because the device has now been listed with the FCC.

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Source: FCC via Golem

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