BMW admitted to the installation of auto programs that underestimate emissions


15:44 05/17/2018 (updated: 15:53 ​​05/17/2018 ) 595 5 2
MOSCOW, May 17 – RIA Novosti. Almost 12 thousand BMW cars were installed inadmissible software, underestimating the actual emissions, the company’s chairman of the board Harald Kruger and the head of the supervisory board Norbert Reithofer admitted at the company’s general shareholders meeting.
VTsIOM found out what Russians consider to be the most acute environmental problem “A few years ago we got a mistake,” the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper quotes Kruger’s words. He noted that 11.7 thousand BMW vehicles were mistakenly equipped with inappropriate software. In March, the Federal Motor Transport Agency decided to recall vehicles due to inadmissible built-in equipment.
At the same time, Reithofer said that it was a “craft, human error”, which led to the fact that the exhaust gas values ​​during the tests were lower than during the ride through the streets. “This has nothing to do with the deliberate manipulation of the gas distribution system and the exhaust gas cleaning system,” Kruger said.
Now BMW is waiting for the permission of the authorities to install the corrected software, he added.
Earlier, the Munich prosecutor’s office began checking the reports on the manipulation of BMW with an exhaust gas purification system in its diesel cars.


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