BMW CE 02 is a concept of a small electric motorcycle for the city. It promises a range of up to 90 km

In July, BMW Motorrad introduced its first production electric motorcycle, the CE 04.

One of them could be the BMW CE 02, which the manufacturer presents so far in the form of a concept. It is a compact machine designed mainly for the city and aimed mainly at younger drivers.

The drive is provided by an electric motor with an output of 11 kW, which can start the motorcycle up to 90 km / h. An unspecified battery should then provide enough energy to cover up to 90 kilometers.

The motorcycle weighing about 120 kilograms will also impress with its design. It looks relatively futuristic and playful, in addition to benefiting from the fact that the electric motorcycle does not need a fuel tank. By the way, BMW presents the study in two colors.

The wheels also look unconventional, mainly due to their “filling”, the shape of the seat is also unusual – it is located at a height of 730 mm from the ground. The lights are, of course, LED, among the handlebars we find a small display instead of the classic alarm clocks. Proof of targeting young people can be a skateboard holder.

So far, the BMW CE 02 is only a design concept, but it can be expected to turn into a production machine in the near future.