BMW patents retractable indicators: aerodynamics and protection – News

A solution, in two variants, which aims to reduce the dimensions of the direction indicators. Less protrusion, therefore less risk of damage for example off-road or on the track

11 October 2022

Ci happened several times to deal with patents registered by BMW concerning applications rather innovative in concepts. These include the carbon frame with flexible swingarmaerodynamics adaptive or the manageable handlebar controls at your fingertips without moving your hands from the knobs.

Un recently filed patent concerns retractable and foldable direction indicatorsa solution designed to reduce overall dimensions of the motorcycle, improve the aewrodynamics and preserve integrity of these components without having to disassemble anything or disconnect electrical wires.

Un’application that can, for example, concern a sporty S1000RR going to turn on the trackor a model from the series GS that moves in off road.

The proposed solutions are two, one that allows you to rotate the hitch arm and the body of the arrows and another that makes them disappear by making them slide inside of.

Nn the patent it is written that “The turn signals are usually attached to arm-shaped brackets that extend transversely on both sides of the vehicle. This greatly improves visibility and therefore safety on the road, while it can create some problems when using it away from road traffic. For example, off-road or on the track, situations may arise in which there is the risk of damaging or even breaking the supports. For this reason the direction indicators are removed, but this takes time and equipment, so it is not practical for frequent road and off-road passages “.

I drawings show a rear license plate group similar to that mounted on BMW roads. The first solution shows a attachment on pinsso arm and arrow can be rotated manually making them adhere to the mudguard.

The second foresees that supports and arrows can slide telescopically disappearing into the plate holder group.
In both cases, these are simple and inexpensive solutions.

Who knows if they will ever see the light, it is appropriate to say …