Entertainment BNF blocking: "If the government does not let go,...

BNF blocking: “If the government does not let go, it would be a 49.3 against the street”


Opéra Garnier, Louvre, Comédie-Française… The world of the arts and knowledge has been mobilized en masse, sector by sector, since December 5. Actions that often mark. This Thursday morning, staff of the National Library of France voted to block the site located at Quai Mauriac for the day (XIIIe district of Paris). A few fantasy fans from the Tolkien expo and a handful of lost readers were able to enter before the gate closed – also blocking main access to part of the MK2 cinema.

In the research library, on the ground floor, some researchers are wandering among thousands of empty places, the blocking has worked – there is only one entry against two before, the savings have made the fight easier. The officials in charge of distributing the books requested were bored. “But how did you go? In any case, any exit will be final I think “, laughs at one of them. At noon, there was still no crowd, between the students and those who came for the exhibitions upstairs, the doctoral students downstairs and the staff, everywhere. It feels like a Friday August 16 in the morning.

Same budget, more missions

Outside, the gray gate remains closed, CGT, FSU or SOUTH union flags in the wind, a cold breath that shears. Some policemen are in the background, people are waiting to see if it will be released. No tension, it’s pretty good child. “We have been on a renewable strike since December 5, explains Fabrice from SUD solidary cultures. We are continuing activities at the Louvre, the Picasso museum or Radio France and on Monday, for the wishes of Franck Riester. ” He explains : “This blockage is a symbolic action, especially during the Tolkien expo, which works well. The aim is to request the withdrawal of the pension reform but also to denounce the impact that macronism has on our work, such as the lack of jobs or the word “management” which is being implemented even here at the BNF. “

The increasingly complicated social dialogue at the BNF and the financial means are also at stake, because if the budget does not drop, the number of missions has increased. The number of precarious contracts (some 200 out of the 2,300 people who work in the library) is a recurring complaint, an even more complicated situation for those affected since the passage of the unemployment insurance reform.

One of his colleagues joined the discussion and also spoke about the priorities in the budgets, which affect for example the “Collection acquisitions, decreasing. Recently, a sale in Cannes concerning documents from the French Revolution was a failure for the BNF because the auction was far too low. Several researchers have however explained the importance of these documents. “ He also talks about withdrawal from foreign collections, in particular with the end of subscriptions to magazines: “It is starting to be seriously felt.”

Convergence of struggles

On the BNF esplanade, a group of mobilized people rub their hands to warm themselves, replace their cap or coat to stay warm. They do not work on site. “I’m an actress, said one of them, I do not have so much leeway to mobilize in my profession. So I multiplied interprofessional actions, especially in bus depots. We are often in our microcosms, so these meeting spaces are important. It gives courage. ” The many people who are not part of the BNF contingent all explain being there in a spirit of convergence of struggles.

“I come out of solidarity but also because I am mobilized in my university, abounds Florian, doctoral student and researcher at Paris Saclay. But BNF is also my place of work and it is important to support the people here, with whom, ultimately, I work all year round. “ Something useful, because, for the actress mobilized, the violence that affected the yellow vests or the demonstrations on pensions “Reach courage”. She adds : “If they are not letting go there, it is because they really want to send the message that it is no longer useful to demonstrate or go on strike. It would be a 49.3 against the street. “

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