BNI formalizes the “word of mouth” and celebrates two years in Huesca

The business group BNI HSC Innovation Huesca turns two years old and celebrated this Friday in the capital of Huesca. The thirty-seven businessmen from Huesca who are part of this group got together to celebrate this second anniversary at the ABBA Hotel and were assistants to a conference offered by Sebastián Darpa, who gave a talk on personal development.

This relationship marketing tool, that emerged in Huesca a few days before the state of alarm in 2020 has been in existence for 37 years. “All over the world there are BNI groups since the main work is exchange information and contacts that is to say, “the word of mouth that is carried out throughout life but in an organized and structured way”, pointed out Basilio Laliena, president of this group in Huesca, who explained that “all of them work in a similar way”, if well, in Huesca, when its birth coincided with the coronavirus pandemic, “some things have had to change”, since The “strong point” of this initiative is the face-to-face meetings, “something that could not be done at first“, said.

Sebastián Darpa, star guest of this event, gave a talk on personal development.

Despite this, Laliena acknowledged that currently “it is already being done in person and normally”, and showed “excited” by the results obtained so far “and with the future so promising that BNI has ahead.”

The objective of this tool is the “exchange of information and contacts between its members to improve business turnover, pointed out Enrique Fermoselle, consultant and member of this group, for whom being able to carry out these exchanges of information “eliminates having to present the business, the product or the offer in a cold way”. Thanks to this group we go hand in hand with a third person who acts as an introducer”he said, considering this proposal as “a very powerful and positive tool because of how simple it is.”

Alfonso Piedrafita, vice president of BNI and owner of Milar electrovisión, recognizes that this initiative allows you to meet “many companies from various sectors”. “Sometimes we just limit ourselves to having a relationship with the sector in which each one is dedicated, however, now we know other sectors of economic and business activity in Huesca and we relate to them,” said Piedrafita, who considered “an honor” to be able to generate certain synergies between all the businessmen.

Although each one belongs to a field, we all have common factors that affect us”, he stressed, such as “economic issues or social factors”, giving the example of the economic crisis that the country is experiencing right now. Piedrafita hoped that everyone could help each other to ensure that this problem affects them “to the least extent possible.”

“Being able to lend us a hand depending on what things and increase contact networks it is something that is very good and that we are going to need”, he underlined, and encouraged those entrepreneurs who are not aware of this possibility to do so, since “It is a very useful, powerful tool and that also allows members of other BNI groups to interact.” In this sense, he pointed out they exist in the region of Jacetania or in Barbastro.