Bo Dallas launches the first video of his new project on Youtube

Taylor Rotunda, known as Bo Dallas In WWE, he was released from his contract after several years with the company. While the wrestler has not appeared in any ring since then, he has been working on other projects such as the real estate business that he started with WWE superstar Liv Morgan.

He recently announced that in October he was going to launch content on his new YouTube channel. In the promotional image, Rotunda appeared dressed as a cook and commented to his fans that something was cooking. Finally, that expression has been literal, since Bo Dallas has announced that its new channel will, for now, be devoted to cooking recipes, although he has assured that he will do other things, such as talking about the conspiracy or telling stories. You can see the first video at the top of the news.

“In this video, I show you how to do the best chicken thighs you have ever eaten in your life. Step by step, I walk you through my recipe. The first of many to appear on this YouTube channel. As well as a variety of my other passions. Including, but not limited to, wrestling, culinary, conspiracies, and storytelling. Make sure to #subscribe today! “Wrote Rotunda in the description.

The former WWE superstar has made it clear on more than one occasion that his adventure in professional wrestling is not over yet. On the other hand, this new project could keep you busy and perhaps even provide you with an additional source of income while you decide whether or not to return to the ring.

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