Bobigny: one year of work on the swimming pool

It’s one of the breaths of fresh air in the summer, for the young people of Bobigny who don’t go on holiday or only a little: with its giant slide and sliding tracks, its covered and outdoor pools, the Jacques-Brel swimming pool is a must for families. A must that will be closed for a year, after the last weekend of August. Information leaflets have been distributed for a few days to prepare the inhabitants of Bobigny for this long absence.

Conceived almost 25 years ago. The nautical center which has been in service since 1995 has in fact not undergone major renovations since its construction. The Est Ensemble community, which manages it, along with the other swimming pools in the nine towns on its territory, has decided to modernize the site, which records 156,000 annual admissions. The cost of the rehabilitation work is €9.4 million.

Extension for better reception. The work will triple the surface area of ​​the hall. The collective and individual locker rooms will also expand, as will the solarium. A restaurant area will be open outside for the summer seasons.

The Bobigny swimming pool will close for a year for modernization work.  EDF Optimum
The Bobigny swimming pool will close for a year for modernization work. EDF Optimal EDF Optimal

Less energy costly. The air and water treatment systems will be modernized and brought up to standard and the large glazed facades will be renovated. The aim is to improve the site’s energy performance.

Improved acoustics. Noise in an indoor swimming pool can be prohibitive. Est Ensemble will take advantage of the construction site to take care of swimmers’ ears by installing stretched canvases above the indoor pool.

Fallback solutions for swimmers. While waiting to discover the new center in August 2020, the inhabitants of Bobigny will be able to go to the neighboring swimming pools of Noisy-le-Sec, Bondy and Pantin, with the same prices as in Bobigny. According to Est Ensemble, swimming schools that used the Jacques-Brel center will be welcomed in particular in Noisy and Bondy.