Boca beat Vélez and was the only pointer

Xeneize took advantage of their chance and is the leader alone for the first time in the championship with 42 points. Atlético follows with 41 and Racing with 40.

The date 22 of the Professional Soccer League It could be a turning point in the fight for the title. It is that, the victory of Patronato against the leader Atlético left the tip red hot. And, after having a bad time, Boca won a hot match against Vélez with a goal from the kid Morales at 79 minutes and climbed to the top of the standings. Thus, Racing, which appeared as one of the big winners of the date, after its epic comeback on Friday against Rosario Centra, is in third position, two from the top.

So far, things are like this: Boca that beats Vélez (reaches 42) Atlético Tucumán (41) and Racing 40.

Atlético Tucumán stumbled and Boca took advantage of their great chance. Pusineri’s men found themselves with a tough nut to crack on Sunday in Paraná. It’s just that the Sava Board of Trustees needed to win to crown their perfect week. On Wednesday he eliminated River from the Copa Argentina and on the weekend he lowered the Dean and paved the way for Xeneize to reach the top.

El Patron lowered the Dean and closed his perfect week

Then, yes, it was Boca’s turn, who did not have a good time against Vélez del Cacique Medina. Those of Ibarra returned to show off their terrible combo of kids and experience. And again he was one of the youngsters the hero of the date. Before the injury, he was Changuito Zeballos. Then it was his natural replacement, Langoni. And now Morales appeared again, the same one who converted against Quilmes for the Argentine Cup, he was responsible for giving victory and the lead to his team.

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This is the table right now

This is how the date started

It all started on Thursday, with the game in which Gymnastics and Fencing of La Plata (37) rescued a tie against Barracas Central, cutting Guapo’s winning streak at home since he played on their field. The equality left little flavor to the Wolf, who had accumulated two defeats in a row and with this point he was 4 from the top.

Friday was the turn of Racing Club (40), one of the favorites for the championship not only because of the variety of soccer players that Fernando Gago has but also because of the emotional responses that he shows in each game. This time he turned around a 1-3 against Rosario Central and celebrated an agonizing 4-3 victory that temporarily left him one point behind the Dean.

The historic comeback of the Academy

Another member of that little group with a chance of yelling “champion” is Hurricane (37), who had the chance to beat San Lorenzo in the New Gasometer to reach the Racing line. However, the Globe could not break the curse suffered in Bajo Flores (they only won once in almost 30 years) and the 0-1 defeat due to an early goal by Ezequiel Cerutti left them far away and with their spirits down.

the other table

Parallel to the fight for the championship there is another dispute, that of admission to the international cups. There, this Sunday a key match will be played thinking about the Liberators 2023, between River and Argentinos Juniors. El Millo has 61 points, the same as Gimnasia (which has already played). Racing, already cut with 70, seems to have its place secured.

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If El Bicho beats Gallardo’s men at home, he will reach that line of 61 points, since he has 58. Estudiantes, with 55, lost at home against Colón, a painful defeat since he still has to play against River and could continue discounting him.

The annual table in the preview of Sunday’s matches: in green, those who would access the Libertadores, and in yellow, those who would make it to the South American. Boca already has its place secured in the Libertadores 2023. (Image via Promiedos)

Hurricane (55), Newell’s (55), Defense and Justice (54) and Tigre (53) remain expectant, and in the worst case they will try to classify the South American Cupa fight in which Atlético Tucumán (52) and Sarmiento de Junín (50), among others, also sign up.

It is worth remembering that Boca is already qualified for next year’s Libertadores for having been champion of the League Cup, a privilege that the champion of the Professional League and the Argentine Cup will also have access to, where Xeneize maintains its chances of repeating conquests, opening the possibility to other candidates to receive a place.

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