Boca requests the clause for Varela in the interest of Barça, Ajax and Benfica

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The xeneize club is clear that it will not be able to retain the footballer, who has a value of 15 million euros

Ajax and Benfica have been talking to the player’s environment for some time

Alan Varela, the midfielder who is dazzling at Boca Júniors, could have his days numbered in Argentina. Several important clubs in Europe have already taken a direct interest in the footballer and Barça is thinking about it given the good reports that are available about the player. Boca does not plan to negotiate anything about his departure and is referring to Varela’s termination clause, which is about 15 million dollars.

Varela’s irruption in the last year has been enormous, being one of the most important pieces of the Argentine team. He plays ahead of the defense and has been the engine of the team since the construction of the game. He has a profile very similar to that of Sergio Busquets at Barça and he is clear about automatisms since he trained at the school run by the Blaugrana club in Buenos Aires. It is a ‘low-cost’ option for a position that will need to be strengthened.

Despite everything, Barça does not have an advantage in this case despite the good relations with Boca. Ajax and Benfica have been negotiating with the footballer’s entourage for months now and seem to be clear that he is a more than reliable signing. The two clubs would be in a position to pay the exit clause although the Portuguese, who are usually successful in this type of transfer, are waiting to transfer Enzo Fernández this summer, a footballer who has spent a season in both the Champions League and the World Cup with Argentina. Enzo could end up at Liverpool for a figure that could be close to 80 million euros.

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