Bodeguero kidnapped in NJ is found in the Bronx – Telemundo New York (47)

NEW YORK – A New Jersey warehouse owner who was seen abducted at gunpoint and shoved into the back of a truck by two men has been found safe in New York City.

Investigators say two men entered the store at the corner of 10th Avenue and E 28th Street in Paterson shortly after Miguel Espejo opened his store Thursday morning. The armed suspects attacked Espejo and hit him on the head, and one of them was seen on surveillance video putting him in a strangulation.

The alleged kidnappers then dragged Espejo out of the store and shoved him into a U-Haul van before leaving, according to a man who called 911 after seeing the warehouse owner’s feet poking out of the nearly closed rear doors of the store. the truck.

Before Espejo was found, people who know him as a generous man feared the worst.

I could tell him, Mr. Miguel, ‘I need change’ and he says ‘Go ahead, pay me when I can,’ “Elijah Wimbush told our sister network, NBC 4 New York.” He’s someone the whole city loves. You will see that I am crying right now because I do not know what is happening, if he is okay. It breaks my heart. “

Paterson police, New York City police and the FBI joined the search for Espejo and there was a police chase, but the details are unclear. Officers later found the warehouse owner tied up, but safe with only minor injuries, in the Bronx later that afternoon.

An FBI spokesman said one of the suspects was detained.

Other details about the kidnapping were not immediately known.



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