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Bodegueros fear for their safety after wave of violence and clashes with machetes – Telemundo New York (47)

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NEW YORK – Security cameras captured the moment when two individuals took refuge in a warehouse in the Bronx to protect themselves from a savage machete attack. The incident has worried winemakers in the city who fear for their safety in the face of the wave of violence facing the Big Apple.

In the recorded images, the two individuals flee from a group of at least five men who are chasing them to a warehouse where they manage to take refuge, but not before having to fight for their lives in an attack that included machetes and other objects.

According to the spokesman for Bodegueros Unidos de América, Fernando Mateo, this incident shows how vulnerable wineries are and the danger it represents for these merchants.

“It was a bargain running after two young men. They went into the cellar and because the storekeeper had a bulletproof door, they couldn’t break the door and go in and kill them. And we see how the one inside is defending himself with a machete too, ”said Mateo.

The incident occurred on Sunday on Gerard Avenue. Mateo said that one of the individuals who took refuge in the warehouse received a face wound. The 23-year-old was hospitalized in stable condition.

Bodegueros Unidos de América asks for more resources for public safety.

“We ask the mayor of this city to give the necessary funds to the police,” said Mateo.

Meanwhile, the police continue to investigate the case to try to find the whereabouts of the suspects.

Clients of the winery are nervous and fearful as a result of the incident.

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“If terrible things happen, you’re going to have a bit of a medium,” said Maria, a Bronx resident.

Apparently, fear also disturbs the owner of the Colorado winery, where the incident occurred, since he is the father of five children and left the area thinking about the safety of his children, according to his friend told Telemundo 47.

“He is afraid for his family,” said his friend, the winemaker Francisco Marte.

Mateo also said that the incident brings with him “many memories of what happened to Junior Guzman two years ago where he was killed with machetes.”

Teen Lesandro “Junior” Guzmán-Feliz was the victim of a violent machete attack at a warehouse in the Bronx and received his long sentences on Friday.

The case caught the attention of New Yorkers and across the country, as the brutal machete murder of the fifteen-year-old that took place inside a warehouse in the Bronx was caught on surveillance video.

The video shows the boy being dragged out of the warehouse and attacked by a gang of men struggling to defend himself. Guzmán Feliz collapsed and died outside the hospital after running three blocks in a desperate attempt to save his life. Investigators said a group of gang members mistook Guzmán-Feliz, who was not affiliated with any gang, for a member of the rival faction of the Trinitarios.

Authorities ask anyone with information about the incident to call 1-888-57-PISTA.


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