Body disposed of like garbage: “Green Book” actor found dead in the Bronx | entertainment

New York – A man’s lifeless body was found on a street in New York earlier this week. The body was identified on Thursday: The dead man is US actor Frank Vallelonga Jr. (“Green Book”)!

The sudden death of the 60-year-old raises many questions. Early Monday morning, a New York City Police Department witness reported a lifeless body found outside a metal factory in the Bronx. Sources report that the body was previously thrown from a car.

“The emergency services responded to the incident and declared the man dead on the spot,” the police said in a statement. Next: “The coroner will determine the cause of death. The investigations are ongoing.” Puzzling: Vallelonga’s body showed no signs of external violence. According to information from the New York Post“There is evidence of a drug overdose.

Mahershala Ali (left) and Frank Vallelonga at the premiere of “Green Book” in New York (2018)

Foto: AFP/Getty Images

Family achieves breakthrough with “Green Book”

Vallelonga played a supporting role in the film Green Book, which won two Oscars in 2019. In it he embodied his uncle Rudy. The film story is based on events that Vallelonga’s father Frank Anthony Sr. (nickname “Tony Lip”) and the black concert pianist Don Shirley (1927-2013) are said to have happened on a concert tour through deeply racist regions in the USA. In it, the unequal men make friends – despite different skin colors. The film was a box office success, but was heavily criticized for serving prejudice.

Vallelonga comes from a film family. His brother Nick wrote the screenplay for Green Book, has also produced numerous feature films and played minor roles in Mafia classics such as Goodfellas and The Godfather. Father Frank Anthony Sr. played mafia boss Carmine Lupertazzi in the cult series “The Sopranos”, where the now deceased also had a brief appearance.

According to information from the US media, a 35-year-old man is said to have become the focus of investigators. He is said to have been filmed by a surveillance camera as he threw the body out of the car. “It is a tragedy and shocking,” Vallelonga’s manager Melissa Prophet said.

Investigations must now show what happened on the night of death …