“Body piled up like a mountain”… Russia suspects mass burial of its own soldiers

Ruins of Russian tanks on the outskirts of Kiiu

picture explanationRuins of Russian tanks on the outskirts of Kiiu

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Ukrainian intelligence agencies claim that Russia buried the bodies of the dead in bulk to cover up the casualties of its troops in Ukraine.

According to the British daily The Times on the 10th (local time), the Ukrainian National Security Agency (SBU) released a recording on Facebook that it was obtained by intercepting a call between a Russian soldier and an acquaintance.

The alleged Russian soldier in the call said the bodies of thousands of Russian soldiers were “stacked at human height” at a mass burial site in eastern Ukraine’s Donetsk province.

It is said that the sister of a fellow soldier who was treated as ‘disappearing during operation’ confirmed and informed the truth.

He said, “There’s basically something like a dumpster of some sort. They (the dead soldiers) are stacked on top of each other,” he said. said to have paid a bribe.

“The pile was as tall as a person,” he said. “She said there were thousands of them there. It would be more convenient (for the Russian military) to throw them there and say they were ‘disappeared in operation’.”

“It’s not a mortuary, it’s a dump,” he said, adding that “they put a fence around this place and no one can get in.”

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Ukrainian soldiers retrieve and transport Russian soldiers' bodies

picture explanationUkrainian soldiers retrieve and transport Russian soldiers’ bodies

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It is difficult to ascertain whether the person in the recording is really a Russian soldier, or whether the Russian army in the Donetsk region was actually instructed to bury the dead in a mass grave and dispose of them.

However, it is known that the Russian army suffered significant casualties in the war that lasted for over two months.

Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense estimates the number of Russian soldiers killed since the start of the war at about 26,000, claiming that only 12 generals were killed. British intelligence officials said last month that an estimated 15,000 Russian soldiers were killed.

Russia has not announced the number of casualties in detail since it announced that 1,351 people had been killed at the end of March, a month after the invasion.

Ukrainian and western intelligence officials say they believe the morale of the Russian army has seriously deteriorated as the war has continued for more than two months.

The Times, citing a senior U.S. Department of Defense official, reported that Russian soldiers on the Ukrainian front were disobeying orders or deliberately destroying equipment.


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