The political thriller averaged 6.7 million viewers in its first episode, with a top audience of 6.9 million viewers.

However, a few fans have complained online to the BBC after the show introduced several other stars from their news channels in fictional news for the drama.

While this is usually something that could thrill fans – which makes the drama more realistic – some have complained "blurry facts and fiction".

The BBC drama "presented 14 cameos" for the other stars of the station.

Viewers will see Andrew Marr, Sophie Raworth and Laura Kuenssberg as speakers during the show.

One spectator scolded, "No wonder the BBC is accused by #FakeNews of introducing journalists to fictional drama."

"I really do not think it's good that @ BBCNews presenters are fictional news accounts … enjoy the show, but disagree with this kind of content, can you clarify the editorial position, please?" Wrote another.

A third added, "I do not see the point, in fact I find it irritating, it does not make a program more realistic.

"The rest of the cast are actors, so why not the moderators? The audience can use their imagination."

However, long-time TV viewers will know that this is common to all broadcasters who have their own series.

For example, both Spooks and Doctor Who have used news reports from real moderators in the BBC studio, while ITV shows like Broadchurch have done the same thing, with dramatized news from ITV news anchors.

It was clear that the news was part of a fictional drama and was not frowned upon as real news in BBC News.

Newswatch's Samira Ahmed reads out a number of complaints earlier this week to BBC news chief Gavin Allen.

According to BBC guidelines, "it's usually inappropriate for a local BBC correspondent to publish a fictional news story."

However, Gavin emphasized: "The worry would be if you thought this was actually happening, nobody would think that."

In the penultimate episode of tonight, David Budd (played by Richard Madden) will see himself as the main target.

Summing up the fifth episode of the series, "Determined to push ahead with the investigation, Chief Protector David Budd targets the enemies of Interior Minister Julia Montague.

As he grapples with Juliet's political maneuvers prior to the attack, David's theories of a conspiracy in the heart of government appear increasingly plausible.

"But when concerns about David's mental health grow loud and claims about his professional behavior come to light, his finger suddenly points to him.

"In a high-stakes game, David is without friends, he realizes too late that he himself could be a target."

Bodyguard continues on BBC One at 9pm tonight.


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