Boeing aircraft are ‘in the sights’ of the Pentagon


The Agency for the Administration of Defense Contracts of the Pentagon detected flaws in the aerial equipment factory in Boeing in San Luis, ranging from missing safety belts or placed upside down in aircraft F / A-18 and F-15 even holes, lack of parts or parts badly installed in the production line. The company has been questioned by the Pentagon for recurring quality and management problems on its aircraft. According to four ‘ Applications for Correction Measures’ of the Pentagon’s supervisory body, some of these failures were detected for the first time two years ago. Another problem has been that the planes threw jobs or equipment to the ground during the assembly, damaging the aircraft in the process, the agency said in a statement to Bloomberg News. According to records compiled by this entity, some problems persist after 904 days. The regulator also cites cases on other production lines at Boeing factories in St. Charles and St. Louis, Missouri. The situation of Boeing, the second supplier of the Pentagon, is an example of the challenge of greater transparency and oversight that the Department of Defense must assume, to demonstrate that it can manage the budget increase, which will benefit the contractor companies. The budget for this fiscal year increased resources for defense weapons to 134 billion dollars, this is 20 billion dollars over what was requested for this article by the Pentagon at the beginning of the year. For next year, the request is for 131 billion dollars. Boeing, based in Chicago, said it is solving the problems signaled by the regulator. “Boeing and the Agency for the Administration of Defense Contracts work together to resolve requests for corrective measures, through the evaluation and adoption of solutions to resolve the issues raised,” said Phillip Carder, spokesman for the aircraft manufacturer. through an email. “Boeing is currently implementing corrective plans already approved by the agency or is awaiting approval of some measures already presented,” the spokesperson added. The regulator is responsible for controlling the introduction of defense area contracts in the factories. The ‘Correction Measures Requests’, or CARS in English, vary according to the degrees of severity, from the I, the most basic, to level III or IV alerts, which are addressed to the main managers. Boeing has four pending Category III requirements . US President Donald Trump has indicated his predilection for Boeing warplanes during visits to other heads of state. The fiscal budget presented by the president for 2019 includes an additional 2 billion dollars to add another 24 Boeing 24 F / A-18E / F for next year and another 110 to 2023. The administration of Barack Obama had proposed to complete the purchase of ships this year.


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