Boeing has sent a manual to the pilots on how to react to an error in the sensors of the "angle of attack", in response to the accident recorded last week in Indonesia and in which 189 people died.

The aircraft maker said in a statement that the National Transport Safety Committee of Indonesia had indicated that the Boeing 737 MAX plane involved in the accident had suffered an erroneous input from one of the sensors.

The angle of attack probe measures the attitude of the aircraft in relation to the air flow and provides crucial data for flight controls. An angle that is too high can throw the aircraft into an aerodynamic halt.

The aircraft injured in Indonesia reported a rapid loss of height shortly after takeoff. The pilots had requested the return to Jakarta to graduate but never returned to the airport, according to the National Transport Security Committee of Indonesia, which defends there was an error in the indication.

The Boeing statement did not say whether its advice was specific to the 737 MAX or whether it included other aircraft models.



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