Boeing does not receive a single order in April


The Boeing crisis not only affects its "cursed" model, the 737 MAX, injured in Indonesia and Ethiopia. The US manufacturer did not receive orders in April of this one or of any other commercial aircraft, like the 787 Dreamliner or the 777, according to CNN. Only Lufthansa, with 20 787 aircraft, and British Airways, with 18 ships of model 777, have placed orders since the company decided to immobilize the 737 MAX. No other Boeing model has crashed and the airlines have not detected any safety problems on planes other than the 737 MAX. However, the failures of this model could be the reason why airlines suspended orders, according to Philip Baggaley, an analyst at Standard & Poor's specialized in the transport sector.

The problems of Boeing do not stop accumulating. Several American Airlines pilots demanded that the aeronautical manufacturer's leadership at a meeting in November, four months before the accident in Ethiopia, urgently work on a solution for the 737 MAX due to the crash in Indonesia. In the closed meeting, the pilots came to ask for emergency measures like the 737 grounding, according to The New York Times. The Boeing executives rejected the proposal and said they expected the pilots to be able to operate the devices without problems. Mike Sinnett, vice president of the company, argued that they were not yet clear that the new anti-blocking system was the culprit of the incident, as the investigation showed later.

Boeing delivered 24% fewer aircraft in the first four months of the year compared to the same period of the previous year. Last month, the company abandoned its financial perspectives for 2019, paused the repurchases of shares and ensured that the stoppage in the production of 737 MAX had had an impact on the company of at least 1,000 million dollars.



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