Bogotá, one of the five areas with the highest number of Venezuelans registered


The National Government made an initial assessment of the registration process of Venezuelans in Colombia, designed to formalize their immigration status in the country. 63,329 people have completed the process.

In total, 30,525 women and 33 334 men have been registered. In this first cut, 4,205 people from different ethnic groups were counted, most of them indigenous (3,324). Cristian Garavito – El Espectador
On April 6, the National Government began the process of migratory registry of Venezuelans They have not formalized their situation in Colombia. After almost 10 days, the Executive reported that 63,329 citizens (that belong to 33,702 families ) have complied with the procedure. In addition to Norte de Santander, La Guajira, Arauca and Magdalena, Bogotá is one of the five areas in which more affluence Registration has been submitted.
In the capital, one of the entities at the head of the process is the District Office, that enabled its 20 offices in the city as points of attention for the realization of the first census of Venezuelans in Colombia. Those interested should fill out a form in which they are asked about the conditions in which they live, whether or not they have work, how their economic and family situation is, and other questions that help the city to formulate policies that guarantee the human rights of this population.
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According to figures from Migration Colombia, in the country there are more than 470,000 Venezuelans regularly and irregularly. Of these, around 67,000 have applied for the Special Permit of Permanence (PEP), of which 39% is located in Bogotá. If the global figures are similar, one could say that in the capital they live around 128,000 Venezuelans However, that figure varies every day due to the irregularity with which they remain in national territory.
In the opinion of the director of the National Unit for Disaster Risk Management, Carlos Iván Márquez, and the manager for the Frontier, Felipe Muñoz, the first balance of the operation is positive and it has been carried out under all the logistical dynamics, of operation and good service for the Venezuelan community.
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“In total, they have registered 30,525 women and 33 334 men. In this first court, 4,205 people from different ethnic groups were counted, most of them indigenous (3,324), also gypsies, raizales and afrodescendientes “, explained Márquez, who assured that, of the total of registered Venezuelans, 62,223 have submitted some type of document to make the process, among them a national identification document, a mobility card, the immigration card or the passport.
It is estimated that the majority of Venezuelan migrants who registered during the first week are from Zulia, Carabobo, Tachira, Lara and the Capital District, where more than 57,000 of them have shown their intention to remain in Colombia, at least until the situation in your country improves.
At the national level, there 604 fixed points and five mobile points to make the migratory registry , located in 22 departments and Bogotá. The registration is done in person with a document that certifies their nationality and with the assistance of the entire family.
“This process only applies to Venezuelans who are living in Colombia , who intend to continue in the country and migrants who do not have any type of registration in force in Colombia. It should be noted that this registry is free and that it does not grant any type of immigration status, nor does it constitute authorization for permanence or regularization, “said UNGRD.

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