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After just over five years spent with Cathrine Dufour, Bohemian (Bordeaux 28) is changing stables. In a publication posted on her social networks, the Dane said that he had been bought by the company Sportpferde Galleria, without mentioning the identity of her new rider. “Growing up with Bohemian has been a dream come true over many years together and I still can’t believe how far we’ve come. From a young horse, he became an Olympic horse, a European medalist and a dream horse who passed the 90% mark,” she wrote. “Staying at the top in dressage takes a LOT and sometimes requires letting a horse go,” she also noted. In barely a year, the Dane has lost her three leading horses, after the retirement of Atterupgaards Cassidy (Caprimond), celebrated in Herning last summer, the passage of Vamos Amigos (Vitalis) under the saddle of her owner, the British Annabella Pidgley, it is now Bohemian that she sees leaving.

Adele Vaupre

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