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It's almost over, there's this neck grip with a cold hand, which makes us all short to Kathleen. For a good hour we watched in amusement, as Jan Böhmermann teased people for entertaining purposes with the sometimes strange, partly shameful information that they eventually even blasted out on the internet. And then stop thinking about what the world could do with this data.


"Let yourself be monitored – the Prism is a Dancer Show" has actually made it from the neo-niche to the ZDF main program, and so you can once again graciously grapple with the derailment faces of the caught studio viewers, their forgotten social media profiles produced Sufffotos and nachgeschpielte on school toilets Britney Spears videos were now publicly shown. And also get caught for a short time, not really bad, just so mediocre. And fortunately, we are not even in the TV studio in front of the audience, but all alone in the silent TV room with horror occurred, that there is still this never really shut down Flickr account, on our ten years ago visit to a donkey farm maybe something is too enthusiastically documented, but really dramatic that is not, actually.


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That's probably how Kathleen, who sits unaware in the audience, probably saw it too. And on the Internet so enthusiastic pictures of her dog Suri tells that Böhmermann and his half meticulous-detail-loving, half Colarauschundreht team invent their own new animal show, moderated by Sonya Kraus, to invite Kathleen to an alleged casting. The accompanying film overzealous dogsploitation is just a bit embarrassing. The pet owners in the audience smile understandingly and are slightly angry that this beautiful, super cute new animal format is just a fake.

There he is, the nape crab

  An hour later, however, Kathleen comes in again, and there he is, the Nackengrabsch: Was it, asks Böhmermann casually, not even two years ago at a Prism issue of the neo-magazine Royale guest, but there still accompanied by another man? Until then, everything was harmless jubilation and buzzing, now the mood swings in glaring disbelief when Böhmermann reconstructs easily alone on Kathleen's public Facebook postings, as it happened that she no longer today with the then friend, but with her current boss is together.


Of course, this is incredibly uncomfortable to watch, not only because it is so embarrassing to all those directly involved – but because you also question yourself and his own, possibly too careless posting behavior in question. A perfect plot twist. The Böhmermannsche Absurditätshäcksler is there already rattled on, and uneasy you look so, as Kathleen and her new friend at the "couple duel" compete against her ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend. Werner Schulze-Erdel moderates the questions with an extra goose bump.

  With the leap into the ZDF main program – even if on a Wegschlummerplatz just after 23 o'clock – Jan Böhmermann lays in comparison to his Prism special on ZDFneo in the spring even a fad on it. And of this bizarre discomfort, which was felt even with the soft washed-up Bräigkeit sometimes while watching traditional Saturday night entertainment.

  Not only does Rudi Carell's Surprise Show "Let's Surprise", it's also a medley of "Understand Fun," "Dream Wedding," and "Heart Leaf," and it perfectly reproduces those little shame moments in which you could never be completely sure when watching whether all the protagonists really are so happy with their role. After all, even the Böhmermann studio audience was up to the beginning of the show in the belief in a normal edition of "Neo Magazine Royal" to be there.

Live a strange man marry – right?

  Fortunately, there are occasional co-makers, who apparently fully enjoy their performance. Ballermann fan Sören for example, whose Instagram name Berti Bumsbirne becomes a trash song character: Ulksänger Lorenz Büffel and Icke Hüftgold sing a song for him, he dances to it euphoric in a pear costume, which he also until the end of It will not be a show anymore – this is a funny show where you laugh more than you would like to admit. In the case of celebrity collector Stefan, who poses a little bit in a picture with Palina Rojinski on his Internet photos, now suddenly wanders through the hands of celebrities as a cardboard display and is staged as a celebrity, one is not so sure.

  Seen from the outside, these scenes are a hidden object of hard work to provide Stefan with new photographic material, posing a bizarre celebrity polonaise from Thomas Gottschalk, Claudia Roth, Stefan Mross and others with the paperboard fan. He cooks with Eko Fresh, plays chess with Bjarne Mädel, even gallops strapped behind Nora Tschirner on horseback – but does the real Stefan have fun even when he sees these pictures? One can not say it exactly, just wish to be able to watch with a better conscience.


This works better when viewer Luisa in the end incredibly stoically pervades the most bizarre part of the show. She marries a foreign man live on the show – at least almost. Years ago, she once created a Pinterest pinboard, with wedding inspirations for a dreamed-up marriage, and now the Böhmermann team throw her this exact moment, painstakingly recreated from her pinned photos. As a husband her umständehalber trash veteran Nico tail fed, and she actually says yes, believing that this was actually legally binding and at least halfway complicated annulled again.

  The best part of this scene is the cut on Böhmermann, who, shaking his head, laughs at what makes people, these crazy chickens, on TV and on the Internet, do everything with them – and find it "fully beautiful".


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