Boji, the stray dog ​​who rides in Istanbul transport, has 61,000 subscribers on

Boji has become in the space of a few weeks, one of the most famous dogs in Turkey. The animal wanders on Istanbul’s public transport, reports the HuffPost. Travelers can meet him on subway trains, trams, and also on ferries.

Officials from the city of Istanbul implanted an electronic chip on Boji in order to track his movements. They revealed that the traveling dog passed through at least 29 metro stations per day. “I think he loves Istanbul and he loves to travel”, points out Aylin Erol, customer relations manager at Metro Istanbul, with our colleagues.

Social media star

The dog’s peregrinations seem to amuse travelers who cross his path. This is evidenced by the numerous publications on the animal’s Twitter account. Yes, Boji is present on the social network and already has 61,000 subscribers to date. Like in the photo below, he doesn’t mind taking selfies with other travelers.

According to the data collected, the stray dog ​​would particularly appreciate the historic tram trains. And he always goes there while waiting his turn: “He waits outside the lines, like the other passengers, and after everyone has left, he gets on the train”, relate Aylin Erol au HuffPost. If you go to Istanbul, you may have the opportunity to travel alongside it.

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