BOLA – Biden promises to be unifying and working to “heal” America (United States)

President-elect of the United States, Joe Biden, gave his victory speech this morning in Wilmington, in his home state of Delaware. The site, a car park, was prepared long ago, waiting to be used. It took four days, so Biden appeared at a running pace on the podium, after his elected vice president, Kamala Harris, also spoke.

“The people of this nation spoke and gave us a clear victory with more votes than ever, 74 million,” he said, promising to be a President “who does not seek to divide, but to unite. I ran for the people, to restore the soul of America, of the middle class, so that America will be respected again in the world and unite us here at home. It is an honor that so many millions have voted for our vision ». At this point, after the declared victory in the state of Pennsylvania gave him the 20 votes needed to reach 270 at the Electoral College, the state of Nevada was also guaranteed, reaching 279. Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina and Alaska.

So, after thanking his wife – pointing out that there will now be a teacher at the White House as first lady – for all the diversity that made his election possible – underlining the African American community -, Biden appealed to the other side. “To those who voted for President Trump, I realize that they are disappointed. I’ve had some defeats in my life. But now let’s give ourselves an opportunity, let’s stop treating our opponents as enemies. They are americans. Let us let this dark era of demonization in America now end. It is time to put aside aggressive rhetoric, let’s drop the temperature, let’s meet and listen to each other. This will be a time for us to heal, to heal America ».

“This is a mandate to restore the decency, the hope, the importance of science. We have to face the battles of our time: controlling the virus, guaranteeing health care to citizens, controlling climate change, defending democracy and giving everyone a fair chance », he asked, announcing that the pandemic will be his first action :

«On Monday, I will appoint a team of renowned scientists and experts who will help to design the Biden-Harris Covid plan and transform it into an action plan that will start on January 20, 2021. It will be based on science ! »

Before, Kamala Harris then opened the night. She is the first woman in office, but also the first woman of African American and Asian descent (of Indian origin) in this position. “I can be the first woman in this position, I will not be the last,” said Kamala Harris, who before told all the girls that she herself was – it is necessary to dream.

“You voted and left a clear message: you chose hope, unity, decency, science and truth. Joe Biden had the audacity to break one of the most substantial barriers in our country and choose a woman as his vice president. Therefore, dream with ambition, lead with conviction and dare to look at yourself in a way that others have never seen you, simply because they have never seen you before, “he said.

Then, it was time for party and fireworks, with all the families on stage.



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