BOLA – Mayor of Pedrógão Grande does not go to trial (Country)

The Court of Appeal of Coimbra ruled, this Tuesday, that the Mayor of Pedrógão Grande, Valdemar Alves, will not go to trial in the process on the responsibilities in the great fire of 2017, when granting the resources of the mayor and the Ministry Public (MP).

In the same order, the Court of Appeal of Coimbra also determined that the former vice-president of the Pedrógão Grande Chamber, José Graça, is going to trial. The former mayor had been accused by the Public Prosecutor’s Office, but the Leiria Instruction judge had decided not to bring him to trial, which also happened to Leiria’s district relief operations commander at the time of the facts, Sérgio Gomes, and the second commander district, Mário Cerol.



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