BOLA – Mozambique accounts for one more death by Covid-19 (Mozambique)

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The number of deaths in Mozambique caused by Covid-19, the new coronavirus, has risen from five to six.

The sixth deadly victim is a 37-year-old citizen who was interned in the northern city of Nampula.

The sixth death comes at a time when the State of Emergency is being fulfilled for the third time in Mozambique, which has been registering an increasing number of infected people.

According to the latest update from the health authorities, six more positive cases were diagonally diagnosed, increasing the total number of people from 883 to 889, whose examination was positive, with 816 being locally transmitted and 73 imported.

On the other hand, three more people recovered, making a total of 232 people who have already undergone new tests, said negative.

Therefore, the country has a total of 657 active cases.



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