BOLA – Mozambique becomes a State of Public Calamity (Mozambique)

Mozambique will move on September 7, this Monday, from the State of Emergency to the Stake of Public Calamity. The announcement was made this Friday by the President of the Republic, Filipe Nyusi, during the declaration to the nation on the covid-19.

The new measure, which will last indefinitely, foresees the relaxation of some restrictions, among which we highlight the resumption of the issuance of all official documents based on digital and other platforms, including the import of vehicles. The authorization to attend the beaches as of September 15 is also another measure to be adopted in the situation of public calamity, as well as the resumption of classes of the 12th class on October 1.

However, the head of state made it clear that the new measures should not be confused with total relief or relaxation. “Everyone must respect the law and the lives of others, otherwise we will return to the previous measures”.

Still in relation to the measures in force, Filipe Nyusi, stressed that the widespread use of the mask remains mandatory, except during the practice of physical exercise and even though the bars and clubs remain closed, as well as the stalls are still prohibited from selling alcoholic beverages. .

It should be noted that the country currently has 4321 positive cases of covid-19 and 26 deaths.


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