BOLA – Rui Moreira defends himself against criticism for the festivities in the city (FC Porto)

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Rui Moreira says that if «Benfica or FC Porto win the Portuguese Cup» it will be impossible to contain the fans’ manifestation. Regarding the celebrations of the 29th title of the dragons, the mayor of Porto says that he could do nothing to prevent the crowd from Porto.

«There are those who think that I command the PSP. No, the PSP is in charge of me, and asked me for the means I made available, Municipal Police, ambulances and fire trucks in case of problems with pyrotechnics, “said on the Facebook panel Os Dois à Quinta, moderated by the trainer Francisco Chaló and journalist Cynthia Valente.

«What were you going to do? Close Avenida dos Aliados? The authorities recognize that in football, in the moment of joy, people all cling to each other. The behavior in football is different than in other cultural activity, that’s why the stadiums are empty », he concluded.



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