Bolivian Armed Forces urge Morales to resign

MOSCOW, Nov 10 – RIA News. Bolivian Armed Forces called on President Evo Morales to resign to ensure stability in the country, Reuters said.
According to the newspaper Pagina 7, citing the Argentine Air Force, at the same time the plane of the head of Bolivia requested a flight plan for the territory of Argentina. According to the publication, the Morales board flew from El Alto International Airport.
Morales previously announced a new presidential election amid mass protests in the country and after the publication of a preliminary report by the Organization of American States on the verification of the vote count.
Protests in Bolivia broke out on October 20 and continue to this day. In three large cities – Santa Cruz, Sucre and Cochabamba – police joined the protesters.

At the same time, the police leadership claims that there is no riot among the guards, and the authorities promised not to send troops into these cities.

The reason for the riots was the results of the vote count in the presidential election. According to the Bolivian High Election Court, Morales won the first round, but his main rival, Carlos Mesa, did not recognize the results of the vote. Morales believes that right-wing forces are behind the mass protests, dissatisfied with his re-election. He called the situation in the country an attempted coup.



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