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Bologna, 16 years old killed with stabs in the throat and chest. A minor investigated: “He made admissions”

by archyw

The body of Chiara Gualzetti, 16enne of Monteveglio, fraction of Valsamoggia in the province of Bologna, was found lifeless in a bush on the edge of the regional park of the Abbey of Monteveglio, a few kilometers from where he lived. On the corpse the signs of the stab wounds inflicted by the killer in the throat and chest. After the first hours of investigation, it emerged that a underage accused of murder. Investigating sources let it be known that the young man, when questioned, has “Made of admissions”.

The boy, according to what emerges, had an appointment with the victim: “He is the last to see her according to what emerges from the missing person report,” says an investigator. “From the moment the disappearance took place, all the people with whom he had contact have heard. He is there, all the friends and friends, it is a blanket job on all those who have had contacts or may know something and trying to reconstruct all these moments he is the one who saw it last “, explain from Power of attorney. The investigator then added that “maybe tomorrow the picture will be clearer”, but there is no doubt about the fact that it is a murder: “From the conditions in which it was it is certain that she was killed“.

The girl had gone out yesterday for an appointment with a friend in the area of ​​the Abbey of Monteveglio and was found lifeless in the afternoon less than a kilometer from home. To report the discovery of the body was the mayor of Valsamoggia, Daniele Ruscigno, who after the disappearance of the 16-year-old had made an appeal on social networks to find her. Both the ordinary prosecutor and the prosecutor for minors are involved in the case, which together coordinate the action of the military. After alerting the authorities, the parents had organized research with the help of volunteers and had also shared a photo of the girl on social media, so as to spread the alarm. Dozens had been the response messages from fellow citizens willing to divide into teams to scour the area.

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