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Bologna, two children fall from the balcony and die: they were punished

From our correspondent
BOLOGNA – They found them next to each other on the pavement of the building yesterday morning, motionless, like two broken toys. Benjamin and David, 11 and 14, were not breathing anymore. They had fallen from the balcony of the eighth floor of a building on the outskirts of Bologna, where the Chabwore family of Kenyan origin lives, mother, father and four children. No one saw them fly, no one heard them scream. Two deaf thuds, I looked out and were there, on the ground, indicates Ismail, a young Moroccan who lives next door, on the first floor. In the house there was only his father, Nathan Heitz Chabwore, warned of the tragedy by the neighbors. I didn't notice anything, he stuttered in tears, sitting desperately on a low wall and then finding a way to write a Facebook message: Pray 4 my family now thanks. The mother, Dadda, was instead in the hairdresser's shop where she works, with the two youngest children.

Popular building

Everyone, under the popular building of this neighborhood of large buildings and many migrants, yesterday looked to the ins, towards the eighth and penultimate floor, where a glass protects the balcony of the apartment. And everyone wondered how it was possible that the two brothers had fallen together from lass. Also because the bodies were displaced from the vertical. Either they jumped or someone pushed them, they were comments based on quick logic. And instead it seems a disgrace, summarized the chief prosecutor of Bologna, Giuseppe Amato, at the end of a field day. In which the men of the Flying Squad wanted to hear the parents for a long time to clarify the controversial points. That position of the bodies, apparently incompatible with the accidental fall, and the fact that nobody heard screams.

Healthcare worker

The father, a 43-year-old social health worker, gave a version of the facts that was deemed credible. I was angry with them because I had sent them to do the shopping and they hadn't brought me the right change. Then I shut the door of the house for punishment, so that they could not go out, and I went to take a shower. And while he was showering the children would have flown down. He said he didn't know anything about what happened on the balcony in those moments. His mother, 38, recalled that the day before they had quarreled with David. The boy had an unknown cellphone with him. of a friend of mine, he was justified. The parents wanted to see if it was true. It wasn't. Head wash, ended with the delivery to the carabinieri of the cell phone.

Days of anger

In short, they were days of great anger for Pap Nathan. Reason for which he had decided to close the door. His version of the facts was considered credible by the investigators, as well as that of his wife who wanted to emphasize her husband's kindness towards her children. The result was that after the river hearing, both of them returned home. At the moment there is no element that suggests a hypothesis other than that of the accidental fall, the investigators concluded. Even the testimonies of the neighbors coincide with what is told by the father. There were those who saw the brothers go shopping, those who saw them return. And also the point of fall, which might seem suspicious, in reality it is not: it happens that the bodies move. How can it happen that there are no screams. Indeed, the absence would make one think more of the misfortune than of the crime. There are also those who thought of double suicide, but to investigators it seemed implausible. The fatal game remains or the attempt to climb over the balcony of the house to pass into that of the neighbor and thus seek an escape route.

Without a witness

But without any eyewitness, at this point it becomes difficult to reconstruct the dynamics of the tragedy. It could have happened that one of the two slipped while he was straddling the railing, the brother tried to save him and they both ended up already. Maybe you will never know how it really went. The most diverse voices chased around the family all day. Quiet people, he always rode bicycles, took children to school, cut short Claudio Melotti, who has known them for a long time. In June there was a furious argument and the police came, remembers another. Last year the boy locked himself in the bathroom and the firemen came to rescue him. This means little. I think he was a good father. He was a snout, always silent. Everyone in the neighborhood has their say. However that may be, the prosecutor's office was probably a terrible misfortune.

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