The Stock Exchange of Santiago closed with a rise of 1.86%, in what was its best day so far this year.

The session was marked by the increase in the price of copper in the face of lower commercial tension, the push of large stocks such as Latam and Falabella, and the good performance of the banking sector.

The airline's shares experienced a strong increase of 4.35% and reached a value of $ 6,250 per share, its highest level in two weeks. With this, the company of the Cueto-Amaro family recovers from a complex period in which the stock lost $ 6,000.

Retail linked to the Solari-Del Rio family posted a significant increase of 4.16%, while rival Cencosud closed with a 1.97% advance.

Banco de Chile and Banco Santander, meanwhile, posted increases of 0.93% and 1.43%, respectively, while BCI took off 2.8%.

Company Daily% Var
Antarchile 4.83
Salfacorp 4.52
Probe 4.43
Latam 4.35
Falabella 4.16
Security 3.45
Besalco 3.38
Chap 3.25
Itaucorp 3.08
White gold 3.03
Bci 2.80
Aesgener 2.72
Sk 2.68
Enel-AM 2.60
Sm Saam 2.47
Forus 2.28
Masisa 2.02
Cencosud 1.97
Ripley 1.91
Sqm-B 1.83
Copec 1.45
Bsantander 1.43
Enel- Chile 1.43
Yo soy 1.41
Embonor-B 1.23
Vapors 1.02
Chile bank 0.93
Entel 0.74
Colbún 0.71
Andina-B 0.62
Ilc 0,52
Ecl 0,52
In the generation 0.36
Ccu 0.34
Concha y Toro 0.17
Cmpc 0.15
Waters-A 0.09
Sm Chile-B -0.03
Parauco -0.07
New Polar -1.25


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